Hey gang! Just wanted to check in about where everything stands with the film now. As those of you who were at the screening (or our blog browsers here) will know, the film is now complete! We had our private screening in North Carolina for local cast/crew/friends-of-the-show and it was a blast. The film went on to play at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival shortly afterwards and just recently played in Cincinnati. We're currently talking with several more festivals about running the film in more locations but most of those are months out as their programming takes a while to coordinate.

We've also started working with some distributors to see which one is the best possible partner for the film and how we'd like to release it for the public. There are lots of avenues and options out there these days so we're working hard to find the best fit. We aim to have more news on that front very soon and once we do we'll be sure to post it!

In the meantime, enjoy the new trailer that we just released :)