Picture Lock!

Shadows on the Wall has picture locked and wrapped editing. From the site of the film's director, Ben Carland:

Very pleased to announce that my film SHADOWS ON THE WALL picture locked this week. That's especially exciting for me because editing for this film has been a pretty long process - both creatively and technically. It was tough creatively because (as with any large project) there were mountains and mountains of footage to sort through and I was so pleased with what we got that picking favorites over other moments and performances - that will stay on the cutting floor - was kind of exhausting. But on the bright side that means there was lots of fantastic content to pick favorites over, so that makes this the weakest complaint in the history of ever...

The process was a technical adventure (I'm nerd enough that I can use the words "technical" and "adventure" in the same sentence) because this was the first substantial project that I have posted using Adobe's new-ish Creative Cloud platform. I had been a devout Final Cut fan until a year or so ago and only recently dove in to using Adobe for everything. I had done tons of smaller projects with Adobe but this much data and resolution presented quite a bit of trial and error in terms of workflow. Anyway, having sorted that all out now, I am tremendously pleased with the outcome. The film is right at the runtime I was aiming for (~1h30m) and color correction is coming along great. Next stop, spotting with composer Alex Davis for the score!

Week 5 Wrapped

Well that's a wrap of week five and a wrap on principal photography for SHADOWS ON THE WALL! We had some diverse locations this week and a lot of fun with all our extras that came out. Thanks again to the community of western North Carolina and everyone that's been a part of this production. See you in the editing room!



Week 4 Wrapped

Week four of SHADOWS has flown by. New faces, night shoots and lots of fog! On to week five and the wrap of principal photography...  


New Faces on Set

"Shadows" cast and crew was happy to welcome featured extras Duke Domingue, Blake Watson, and Adam Burnette to set to shoot over this weekend. The stills coming from their "official" appearances are coming out great!