We've got quite a shoot ahead of us! Weeks of filming inside a very unique warehouse that we're currently building our sets inside of (pictures to come), and another week or two of location shoots around western North Carolina. During the middle of a mountain winter no less! We'd like to take a moment and thank The City of Hendersonville, NC and the HCPED as they've been especially helpful with us in coordinating the project. Additional filming will take place around several local businesses and locales around the area including coffee shops, libraries, parks, forests, and maybe a bar or two. Should be quite an adventure!  

Logistics and scheduling with such a diverse production can be quite a challenge - making sure that cast, crew, gear, food, extras, electricity, etc are all where they need to be and at the proper time is enough to drive anyone to exhaustion.


If you're interested in scheduling a visit to our set, or would like to volunteer, feel free to contact our Producer here.