We're now about three weeks to the day from the beginning of production and things are really picking up. We've found the last of our locations and started doing a lot of prop and VFX tests (more on that later). A serious cold snap came through town and we're crossing our fingers that it doesn't come back anytime soon! Several of our locations are outside or at the mercy of the elements so they could get pretty exciting under the right (or wrong) circumstances. We've started looking into some industrial heating options just in case.  

As you can see from our Twitter feed, a lot of activity has been going on over at our primary location. So many interesting, funny and/or creepy pieces of the past resurface while we're working over there that we've had to snap some photos to share with everyone. We're still working to get the place into the condition we want and in the meantime we've started prepping a lot of gear and props for the move over there.


Anyway, back to work! Happy New Year!