SHADOWS ON THE WALL is a modern day sci-fi about Palmer Marshall, a struggling engineering student that’s flailing through his personal life, classes, and career. Palmer is on the cusp of a potentially huge discovery and he devotes every waking moment to the challenging, and often fruitless, pursuit of creating something that might change the world. But Palmer soon learns that the road to success is long and fraught with failure. Despite crippling anxiety and personality disorders, Palmer perseveres and creates the one – the dream machine that he’ll be remembered for.


However success comes with its own great price as Palmer’s achievement presents him with far more ominous implications. His device works, but all too well, and it grows beyond his power or understanding. Deep over his head, with only a few unlikely friends to rely on, Palmer finds himself in a race against time to face his fears and salvage the situation before panic (and catastrophe) overwhelm his hometown.


“The Social Network” meets the “X-Files” in this stark but snappy sci-fi suspense. Sometimes success is more dangerous than failure…


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